Appucino Case Study for an Android Game

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Appucino Community Managers

Appucino.comThe Social Network for Apps!

We want Community Managers!

About Appucino

Appucino ( is a new social network for Android, Web and iOS Apps. Appucino comprises a few lines of code that can be cozily integrated into Apps, to magically create social features such as location-based leaderboards and chat (for those apps)!

We believe that the future of entertainment belongs to Apps. Since so many Apps get released everyday, it’s tough to get Apps discovered by consumers and even tougher to keep their App users engaged and loyal. Appucino solves this major challenge via its magical features (ahem – its social and local features).

Check out one success story of Appucino here.

The Company behind Appucino!

Appucino is a business of Games2win (G2W). G2W is one of the fastest growing online gaming companies in the world and features in the top 20 online gaming properties (USA and World) (comScore reports). Top tier investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, & Silicon Valley Bank have funded G2W.

G2W has already developed over 40 mobile games, touching 11 million downloads. Some of our top hits are Parking Frenzy and Turbo Cricket on the Android, and Supermom and Best Friends Forever on the iOS.

The founders of G2W Inc are Alok Kejriwal – serial entrepreneur (google link); and Mahesh Khambadkone – an online gaming specialist (linkedin link)

What’s the opportunity?

Position: To be the Community Manager for Appucino

Position is Based in: Mumbai

You will be Reporting to: Vivek Manghnani – Appucino Product Head

Background and experience:

You could be someone who has spent time creating and managing online communities. You must be someone who knows how to grow communities virally, engage them and make them feel special, emotional and dependent about the network you operate.

What the job is all about – Roles & Responsibilities:

Appucino is a rapidly growing community of registered members and casual guests. Our users enjoy Appucino via games or apps across the web and mobile. Most of the times we know ‘where’ these users come from since Appucino requests for their locations.

We want our Community custodian to really understand, interact and grow the Appucino community and create interactions between members.

To do so, we need a Community Manager who can help us:

  • Interact with, and engage our registered members and increase sociality amongst the users
  • Understand user behavior and create content that members would like, share and get engrossed with
  • Create a communications content calendar to add value to the community and its users
  • Manage the community and steer them towards deeper social engagement with each other

You could be:

  • A person who has worked in a Social Media Company
  • A person who has been part of Market Research firms and been actively involved in asking pertinent questions and creating interactions between consumers, based on a scientific reasoning and understanding.
  • Someone with an active Online presence with a large following and engagement creation ability.

You should be:

  • Someone who is extremely data and number centric and driven by analytics and spreadsheets; someone who asks ‘how much’ & ‘how many’, before ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. You should be very comfortable in tabulating and presenting data.
  • A team player open to working in a fast-paced, demanding environment
  • Someone who is SOCIAL and vibrant. You must live & breathe people and sociality!
  • Someone open to lot of trials & experiments and false starts; willing to improvise models till the right one comes along.
  • Someone who has a keen interest in social gaming, as well as an interest in new and emerging social networks


We really are open to persons with Ph.Ds or 10th standard failed grades.

We need the right person – not an impressive marksheet.


As a practice, we have typically matched candidates with their existing salary packages and throw in lucrative performance incentives; and of course ESOPs.
* Check this real story of the success of our ESOPs.

The idea is to make the candidate actually take an ownership role and then provide additional compensation on performance.

Note that we do not want people to join us just for a better salary. We don’t bribe people to join us. Instead, we want people to join us for the love of what we do and the opportunity to shine professionally!

Growth and Prospects:

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be associated with next generation Social Media engagement as an industry and be responsible for scaling up a start up social network venture to a large business. The scope to experiment, innovate and pioneer local & social network ideas and concepts will be enormous. The mobile apps market, and specifically the gaming market, is poised for immense growth in India and the candidate can look forward to a very long-term vertical growth curve in this industry.

If you are interested:

  • Simply write down a few lines of your past experience(s) pertaining to social engagements
  • Tell us about one social community that you really are impressed by. What makes you so fond of this community? What are the few key insights and ideas implemented by this community that has made it so successful? What is the ‘wow’ about this community you like so much?

Answer to these 2 questions above, and mail them with your resume to who will then connect with you about the next steps!

Click here to download this job profile

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Ex-Groupon Hand Tirath Kamdar Joins Games2win Board of Advisors

Tirth KamdarGames2win – a global top 20 online and mobile games Company announced that Tirath Kamdar has joined the company’s Board of Advisors.

A graduate from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Tirath has worked and led across business development and marketing functions in different organizations in a career spanning more than a decade.

Tirath was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lightbank, a $100M Technology investment firm and incubator whose portfolio companies included Groupon, InnerWorkings and Echo Global. At Lightbank, Tirath was actively involved in screening potential investments and working closely with start-up portfolio companies. He also incubated start-ups in the social commerce and location space.

Drawing from his experience at LightBank / Groupon where he worked on consumer facing Internet & location-based consumer activation, Tirath will work closely with the Games2win team with a specific focus on Appucino, a new location-based Mobile Social platform.

Says Alok Kejriwal, CEO of Games2win:
Our aim is to make Games2win and Appucino the new global paradigm of casual & snacky gaming. We are investing in content, technology and people to make this happen. Tirath brings a street view of what it takes to make a global and consumer friendly product platform that syncs engagement with location. With Tirath’s experience and our gaming expertise, we will make Appucino the new world standard for location-based engagement gaming.

Says Tirath Kamdar:
When Alok called me to explain Appucino, I was sold. The idea is great; Games2win has a great library of over 500+ games and an audience of over 15 million. The Appucino gaming platform, with the right ingredients, can revolutionize the gaming business and also add a completely new dimension to mobile engagement. I am really excited to be part of this revolution!

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How Appucino is named Appucino

So, you have a great idea for an app. Everyone thinks its great, so do your investors. While the coders are hard at work to get out the beta version of your “yet to be named app” you get your team into the conference room to think of a name. It should be fairly simple right? After all, you’ve named over 500 games and 35+ mobile apps!

A few hours and dozens of coffees later, no name. You decide to break for the day and sleep over it. The morning will bring a new set of ideas and a new name.

More sessions and more coffee later – no such luck.

It was at that moment that we decided to add method to the madness.

We brainstormed extensively – sifted through dozens of different ideas and concepts, screened them and junked a whole lot of them. Many more discussions on product attributes, consumer benefits and developer benefits were listed and endless coffees consumed. We evaluated name ideas and finally we honed in on Appucino. Appucino is combination of App and Cappuccino – a magical brew that works wonders for apps.

The name we felt was perfect – relevant and memorable. It flowed of the tongue and had positive connotations as well. Like Groupon and Pinterest, it is a blend of two things we consume daily. It just clicked.

We now had to decide whether to go with Appucino (single C) or with Appuccino (two Cs). Appuccino was closest to Cappuccino and is also phonetically sounded right. We found out that the name was already taken; the magnanimous owner decided to gift the name to us (read full story here).
Appucino we felt was a shorter, crisper name and more in sync with the trend of shorter names (think Instagrm).

Appucino or AppuccinoThe name stuck and Appucino was named Appucino.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think is a better name.

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Location based Competition now hits Chrome Apps!

As the Google Chrome browser rapidly captures the global browser market, most popular content owners have begun rapidly deploying their content as ‘Apps’ on the Chrome Web Store (CWS).

The Chrome Web Store gives gamers the option of downloading some of coolest web games within seconds, but, sometimes even that cannot satiate the appetite of a true gamer. Just as in any sport, only playing isn’t enough. When was the last time Roger Federer showed up on a tennis court without an opponent standing across him? Based on this need for competition, selected Chrome Apps have been updated with a whole new form of competition for gamers.

Location based leaderboards foster the true spirit of competition. Start at a local level by posting your scores into places near you, and then challenge others nearby to gauge your level of competitiveness. The better you get, the more you travel to different parts of the globe looking for stiffer competition and harder challenges.

So how did this competition enter Chrome Apps? Appucino of course!

Just as introduction, ‘Appucino’ is a social network apps and can be deployed in apps (Android, Web and iOS (soon) using a few lines of code.

Once live, Appucino allows consumers to use the score in the game (at any level) and ‘capture’ places around them via google maps.

Using the concept of capture and challenge, consumers tend to engage with the app in a deeper manner (see case study here) and hence Appucino enhances the life and enjoyment of the App.

3 of Games2win’s chrome apps – Ultimate Cricket, Race One and Turbo Cricket have deployed appucino within them:

The next screen that appears is the List of places that can be CAPTURED using the score of the player

If the player happens to be in an area where other users have posted scores, then the Google places appear with the opportunity to CHALLENGE the owners of those places

After attempting a challenge, the player may be successful or unsuccessful.

Also, the Map screen of Appucino allows users to look around and check other players’ profiles, and also challenge other players via the places they own.

Experience Appucino Fun in these Chrome Apps

Race One
Turbo Cricket Pro
Ultimate Cricket
(Note: you will need to be a Chrome Browser user– but we guess you knew that).

Appucino will soon be available as an SDK for Web apps.

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Reached 563,790 on a leader board. So What?

So you reached 563790 on a leader board. So What?

As an avid gamer who plays dozens of games everyday, I am amazed at the last-mile agony that I experience in most games. Most of them are crafted and sculpted amazingly well. The effort shows. The problem happens when you play a really great immersive game, you crack a great score and then all you get is an antiseptic leader board page full of random alpha numeric user names which proclaims that thousands of gamers have scored better than you.

Traditional Leaderboards

Traditional Leaderboards

The joy of getting a great score becomes fleeting.

At games2win, we are faced with this problem quite a lot – after all we’ve created more than 600 games and 30+ mobile applications. After grappling with this unique problem – how to redefine a leader board from scratch that puts the gamer in the centre, we believe we cracked it.

The result is Appucino!

With Appucino, you can do something tangible with your score. If you are playing Turbo Cricket Pro and you get a great score by smashing more balls out of the park than Yuvraj and Dhoni put together, you can capture locations on Google Maps: your house, school or office or it could be any location you fancy, such as the White House and hoist your national flag there.

Appucino Leaderboard

Appucino Leaderboard

You can also challenge to capture locations already captured by your friends or strangers and dislodge them by beating their scores.

With Appucino, you are just not the 563,790th entry on the leader board; you can actually be the King of the World!

You can experience the power of Appucino by playing:
Ultimate Cricket on
Race One on Chrome App Store
Turbo Cricket Pro on Android Market

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